Natural Beauty, Bath, and Health Care Products

We strive to use the most natural ingredients – herbs and essential oils, butters and naturally occurring salts. There are no petroleum products, parabens, synthetic fragrances or artificial colors in our products. There is a combination of two synthetic ingredients to form a preservative for some of our products. The combining of Phenoxyethanol and tetrasodium EDTA , while each ingredient individually does not sound great, they react together to create an inert non-functioning chemical which forms a safe , effective preservative. Most companies do not divulge all of their ingredients since by law they do not have to. So they can put whatever they please into the products you apply to your skin. We want you to know what is in our products.

We have many other all natural Health, Skin Care, Bath and Beauty products to choose from. Please take a few minutes to review our natural product line to see which products will work best for you. Just click on the Shop Now box to read about our products & ingredients before you buy – and WELCOME to our Store!